About us

Welcome to the Lennox Arts Board (LAB) website

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We are a not for profit community group based in Lennox Head NSW

LAB hopes to:


Raise the profile of the arts and culture in Lennox Head.

Facilitate the appreciation and enjoyment of the arts in Lennox Head.


Bring the best of bold, exciting and relevant work in the arts to Lennox Head.

Encourage and develop new ways for the community to become involved in the arts.

Encourage and support achievement in the arts by individuals and the community generally.

Open and connect the arts to a broad spectrum of the local community.

Establish the arts as an integral component of life in Lennox Head.

Seek opportunities for those involved in the arts to collaborate with other groups in the community.

Bring a distinctive arts flavour to the community of Lennox Head.

(Okay ...we're aiming high - but why not?).

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